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A pair of documentarians head into the woods of the Exmoor countryside to find proof of the mysterious big cats that roam the area. But what they find in the depths of the forest is a horror beyond imagine. They must fight tooth and nail to survive or fall prey to what lurks in the darkness.

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X Moor (2014)

a Fyzz Facility Film Two, The and thefyzz Production in UK

STARS Melia Kreiling Mark Bonnar Nick Blood Olivia Popica Simone Kirby Sophie Harkness Jemma O'Brien James Lecky Fergal McElherron Naseen Morgan Chloe Baker Bert O'Brien Victor O'Brien


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But not really something that is phenomenal. Horror movies live and die with their characters (most times literally than metaphorically) and in this case, the characters are mostly nicely drawn. You might even care for them (or at least some of them) not to die. Unfortunately a few things come in the way (and I'm not talking about Death/Killer situations alone).

The things that might annoy you, are the decisions made. Bad decisions as they mostly only happen in horror movies, to move on and make the movie "interesting" or let things happen that could be easily avoided. Having said that though, I have seen far worse, so if you don't hang up too much on those things and don't mind the slow pace in the beginning, there is a couple of things to enjoy here