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The story begins with Spanky, who is the president of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" with many school-aged boys from around the neighborhood as members. His best friend, Alfalfa, has been chosen as the driver for the club's prize-winning go-kart, called "The Blur", in the annual Soap Box Derby style race. However, when the announcement is made, Alfalfa is nowhere to be found. The boys catch Alfalfa in the company of Darla -- "a girl!" Alfalfa isn't like his friends because he's in love with Darla, and unfortunately threatens the very existence of their "boys only" club. The club's members try their hardest to break the two apart, eventually causing their beloved clubhouse to burn down. Darla is mistakenly led to believe Alfalfa feels ashamed of her, so she turns her attentions to Waldo, the new rich kid whose father is an oil tycoon. Further trouble ensures when their prized go-cart "The Blur" is stolen by local neighborhood bullies Butch and Woim. How can they win the big race and ...

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The Little Rascals (1994)

a Universal Pictures, King World Entertainment and Amblin Entertainment Production in USA

STARS Travis Tedford Kevin Jamal Woods Jordan Warkol Zachary Mabry Ross Bagley Courtland Mead Sam Saletta Blake Jeremy Collins Blake McIver Ewing Juliette Brewer Heather Karasek Brittany Ashton Holmes Bug Hall Elmer Petey

Comedy | Family | Romance

Rated PG

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes


Alfalfa and Darla kiss three times. Alfalfa runs arounds in his underwear and once it's implied that he's totally naked in front of Darla and Waldo. Several girls and boys kiss. Butch and Woim opens a door and there's a woman changing - no Actual Nudity is shown

Violent and Bloody Scenes


Butch and Woim threaten to beat up Alfalfa and Spanky. A large dog jumps on Alfalfa. In a nightmare sequence, Alfalfa falls off a cliff and into the rocks below. In a go-cart race, the kids drive through a grocery store parking lot and knock people over. Alfalfa punches Butch in the face, knocking him into mud.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes


The nightmare Alfalfa had with the thunder and lightning, followed by him falling off the cliff might be frightening.

Suggested rating (MPAA): PG for rude humor and language -- all involving children. Recommended for 4+.


for those of you who seem to think this movie is terrible, you are quite closed minded. just as you have grown up with the originals, many children have grown up with this movie, i myself being one of them. this movie came out when i was seven i stil find just as enchanting now as i did then. i also grew up with the originals from my parents and still enjoy those. the old black and white films are not going to appeal to every child out there, which this movie was targeted at. in my opinion, this movie was meant to slightly bridge a generation gap. parents wanted their children to see this movie and, yes, relive their own nostalgia. it was marketed towards the kids and you have no right to judge a movie that you haven't grown up on and have seen as an adult. perhaps if you were a child when it first came out, you would appreciated a little more. i think it was a great idea for the film makers to remake these classics because it does bridge the generation gap a little bit more. obviously those of you that have seen it, its because of you nostalgia towards the old ones, or because of you children. either way, you should have great respect for those who inspired this movie. that future children will be able to enjoy it. i hope they do keep making remakes so one day my children can enjoy them as much as i have. their are some movies that you can't compare remakes to, one of them is casablanca. worst comparison ever.