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The Journey is a cross-continental story that explores the idea of culture, not just as tradition but as an expression of love. When Bee (Yew) returns to Malaysia for the first time in a decade - she introduces her conservative father Uncle Chuan (Lee) to her happy-go-lucky British fiancé, Benji (Pfeiffer). With Benji's lack of cultural understanding and comprehension of Chinese traditions, Chuan opposes their marriage. Unexpected circumstances ensue, and Chuan reluctantly submits to their union, on the condition that their wedding adheres to Chinese tradition. Part of that tradition is that Chuan must invite all of his childhood friends personally. So the quintessential odd couple, Benji and Chuan, embark on a cross country adventure to deliver the invitations. Despite language barriers and initial hesitation from both parties, the two men come to realize that their priorities are essentially one and the same.

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The Journey (2014)

a Astro Shaw Production in Malaysia

STARS Sai Peng Lee Ben Pfeiffer Joanne Yew

Comedy | Drama | Family

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Syok ah...song ah...

The Journey is truly a heartfelt Malaysian film that is unprecedented in its overall film making. It has scenes captured around Penang and Cameron Highlands that are totally an eye opening experience even for a local like me. They are so gorgeously filmed that I was immediately being pulled into the story right from the very first scene. It's truly amazing. I'm very proud of our local talents who have demonstrated excellent cinematography to make each and every scene come to life.

This is a story about Uncle Chuan's daughter, Bee who has just come back from overseas with her fiancé, Benji and planned to have their simple marriage carried out locally. Things aren't that simple and when Uncle Chuan disagrees with almost everything Bee and Benji do, the journey begins. Believe it or not, everything plays out like our everyday's lives and I think that's what made it so real and related to us. Each character acted so naturally that I couldn't even tell that this is indeed a film. We can feel their emotion as they are very lifelike.

One thing that I should point out is that this film contains three spoken languages as well as three spoken dialects. It adds to the cultural diversity of how we actually speak in Malaysia. Sometimes, it plays around with the various languages and dialects, making fun with jokes known only to Malaysian and Singaporean. Then there are times where it tells the tale of every Malaysian's life and those are the gem of it all.

Filial piety is a virtue we Asian regard as of highest importance and this incredibly virtuous value is showcased perfectly in the story. Parents have dilemma and they ultimately have to make the difficult decision for their children. Whatever the decision may be, we have to know that they love us more than anything. Besides that, it also makes us realise that life is too short to bear regrets to the things we dare not do. Therefore, I believe that as long as you are an Asian, you will feel moved by the story.

Honestly, I've never thought that I could enjoy watching a drama at the cinema this much. The Journey seems to prove me wrong and I'm very glad to have made the trip to GSC today to watch this fantastic masterpiece. Oh, the laughs, the tears and the joy, it's definitely worth my time. I'm giving it a two-thumbs up with a score of 12/10 for my highest praise and 'more than' absolute satisfaction. Abuden?

Nonetheless, if you have a dream, go live it because time is never on our side! You can be like Uncle Chuan, pergilah!

P.S. : Let's welcome more locally produced motion picture. Malaysian Got Talents!