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A woman goes on vacation with her friends after her husband and daughter encounter a tragic accident. One year later she goes hiking with her friends and they get trapped in the cave. With a lack of supply, they struggle to survive and they meet strange blood thirsty creatures.

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The Descent (2005)

a Celador Films, Northmen Productions and Pathé Production in UK

STARS Shauna Macdonald Natalie Mendoza Alex Reid Saskia Mulder MyAnna Buring Nora-Jane Noone Oliver Milburn Molly Kayll Craig Conway Leslie Simpson Mark Cronfield Stephen Lamb Catherine Dyson Julie Ellis Sophie Trott

Adventure | Horror | Thriller

Rated R

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes


Buttocks are shown.

The breasts of a human-like creature are seen for a brief period of time.

A penis can be seen while a camera is parallel to the male's body.

It is revealed that a woman was having a sexual affair with a man.

A woman makes a crude sexual joke.

Naked male bodies are seen from the side or non-explicit angles at various times.

Violent and Bloody Scenes


A woman driving a car drifts over into the opposing lane and crashes headfirst into another car, resulting in two poles from it penetrating the windshield. One pole erupts from the back of a front seat headrest, with bloody results. The bodies are not seen, but the woman's husband and daughter are killed in this.

A woman awakens in a hospital bed with various dried, bloody cuts, scrapes, and bruises on her face.

A dead elk is seen in the woods, and it has maggots and blood on its head.

A woman's bloody palms are seen through her gloves after a rope line zipped through her hands.

A woman falls down a hole and hits a wall on the way down, but she lives. However, a bone is protruding from her pants is seen.A woman pushes the bone back into the leg (with additional bloody results, as well as the woman screaming in pain and the sound of the bone cracking).

A cave creature pounces onto a woman, biting her neck, and tears off the flesh.

A woman hears a sound behind her, quickly turns around with her ice axe and accidentally drives it through the neck of one of her comrades, badly wounding her (blood pours from the wound and from her mouth).

With night vision, a woman sees skeletons in the cave, when a fresh human body suddenly drops down into the pile and many of the creatures descend and feed upon the body, tearing out the flesh, etc. in a very bloody and gory fashion.

A woman has to smash another woman's head with a rock.

A woman falls into a pit of blood. When she surfaces, her whole body is soaked in blood.

In the foreground of a shot, a cave dweller is shown with spit leaking down from its mouth.

A cave creature crawling on the ceiling, attacks a woman hanging onto a rope around her waist, and uses it's finger nail to slice her throat.

A woman is grabbed by a cave creature, partially yanked down a passageway (a few of her finger nails are torn out). She is then eaten alive; the creature ravenously tears away at her abdomen and she is screaming in pain.

A woman fights a cave creature and slashes it with an ice axe; the creature flees. She is then attacked by another cave creature; she strikes it with her ice axe, hitting it several times, killing it.

A cave creature attacks a woman, but is saved by one of her friends who hurls an ice axe into it's back. The creature screeches in pain. The woman walks up behind it and breaks it's neck, killing it.

A female cave creature attacks a woman. The woman grabs a sharp bone and punctures the creature in the eye, killing it.

A woman clubs a cave creature in the head with a bone, the strikes it in head, killing it.

A woman stabs a cave creature in the abdomen with a knife.

A woman comes face-to-face with a cave creature in the water, it has a knife in it's abdomen. She brings the knife deeper into it's abdomen, blood coming out of the wound and out of it's mouth, killing it.

Cave creatures surround two women, who then fight the creatures to the death. They attack the creatures, one hitting a creature's head against a rock until blood sprays from it's head, another delivering a crotch kick, a woman tries to crush it's head with her bare hands, one of the women gouges her thumbs into a cave creature's eyes (blood spurts out), and another strikes her ice axe into the head of a cave creature (blood spurts out).

Scary and Disturbing Scenes


This film is overall very tense, and its main themes are claustrophobia, isolation, pitch black darkness, and monsters.

Total 37/50.


Ten.... wow is that is a high rating. The film probably only deserves a nine but with all its genius i decided to give it ten. How often is a horror film one of the best pictures of the year? how often do horror films actually scare the sh-t out of you? how often do horror films grip you in total suspense? how often do horror films have great acting? how often are horror films well made? how often are horror films somehow realistic? HOW OFTEN ARE HORROR FILMS ACTUALLY HORRIFYING?

well in modern times... the answer to all of those questions is "very rarely" but The Descent does all of those and more. Somehow, it even horrified critics (in a good way).

Note: the acting is strong all around but i have to say alex reid was perfect for the role of beth. She was no better than the rest of the cast but she seemed to fit her role more.