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Dr. Helen Benson is summoned to a military facility with several other scientists when an alien spacecraft of sorts arrives in New York City. Aboard is a human-like alien and a giant robot of immense size and power. The alien identifies himself as Klaatu and says he has come to save the Earth. The US military and political authorities see him as a threat however and decide to use so-called intensive interrogation techniques on him but Dr. Benson decides to facilitate his escape. When she learns exactly what he means when he says he is there to save the Earth, she tries to convince him to change his intentions.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

a Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 3 Arts Entertainment and Dune Entertainment III Production in USA and Canada

STARS Keanu Reeves Jennifer Connelly Kathy Bates Jaden Smith John Cleese Jon Hamm Kyle Chandler Robert Knepper James Hong John Rothman Sunita Prasad Juan Riedinger Sam Gilroy Tanya Champoux Rukiya Bernard

Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Rated PG-13

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes


Violent and Bloody Scenes

A humanoid alien reaches out a hand toward a woman and the alien is shot (blood splatters on a shield over the woman's face and the alien collapses).

A man is pinned between two cars and falls to the ground (we see blood in his mouth).

A man is attacked by tiny, winged, metallic beetle-like creatures, his protective suit begins to develop holes, and his nose and face begin to bleed (the bugs are evidently inside him).

Many of the beetle-like creatures are shown crawling out from under the skin of a woman and a boy and into the skin of someone else (there's no blood but we see holes open as the bugs crawl.

Myriads of the beetle-like creatures come together in a giant swarm and destroy everything in their path by dissolving all matter: buildings, vehicles, road signs, humans, etc.

An observation room glass pane is destroyed when the beetle-like creatures break through (several people run and hide) and beetle-like creatures seem to eat up a piece of metal equipment.

A man struggles through a swarm of the beetle-like creatures and his face is somewhat cut.

An alien sends energy through a wounded man's body by touching him, the man's twisted legs are straightened (we hear cracking), and the man is OK.

A car is struck by an explosive, it flips and rolls and it is in flames (we see the driver slumped in the seat with his eyes open and blood on his face and mouth (we understand that he is dead).

A doctor makes an incision in the chest of an alien, removes a gelatinous covering (he refers to it as being similar to a placenta), and then removes a bullet from the open incision.

An alien is shocked when he goes into cardiac arrest (the doctor is thrown back against a wall and falls to the floor).

A man is given an injection in the arm. We see blood on a man's shirt, he opens it and we see a bloody and stitched wound, he applies an ointment (we see some slimy goo) to the wound and it heals instantly.

A number of remote controlled planes are launched, they speed toward a giant orb, they fire, the planes are then taken under the control of an enormous robot that flings them through the air and crashes them into tanks on the ground (there are large explosions).

Two helicopters spin out of control, crash to the ground and explode.

A huge robot is sprayed by enormous flames (it is unharmed).

Military helicopters chase a woman, a child and a man through thick forest; the woman is snatched up by a soldier who pulls her into a helicopter and they fly away.

An enormous robot man comes out of a huge orb, it disables equipment and appears threatening.

Something lowers from the sky toward the ground (we cannot see what it is), and strong winds knock people to the ground and blow objects through the air.

A man driving a truck crashes through a checkpoint, and military vehicles pursue and then back off.

A man is strapped into a wheel chair and taken to a room where he is attached to a lie detector machine; the man performing the test is shocked when he touches the machine, falls back in his chair, then sits back up but appears to be in a trance and later he collapses onto the table (it is not clear if the man is dead or alive).

We see people rioting and looting on TV news reports in big cities.

A man steals a ticket from another man in a bus terminal, the second man chases him and calls after him, the two men argue and struggle, and the man retrieves the ticket, grabs his chest and collapses to the floor (it is implied that he might have had a heart attack); the man who took the ticket is chased by a police officer through a crowded terminal.

We see a man in a heavy snow storm climbing a sheer wall and discovering a glowing orb; he touches it, then uses his pick on it pealing off part of the outer shell, reveals a bright, swirling light and then we see him unconscious on the ground (he has a small scar on his hand when he wakes up).

A woman is taken from her home by federal agents and her young son appears frightened.

An alien panics when it regains consciousness and realizes it is locked in a containment tube; it thrashes around and tries to get out.

Many military and police personnel arm themselves and surround a huge orb.

We see military personnel arming themselves and preparing for a violent encounter.

People in protective suits approach a huge orb that landed and glows, one man remarks that radiation levels are elevated, and the ground rumbles.

A boy slips and nearly falls into a river below (he is grabbed and pulled back up).

A man talks about an object from space approaching Earth and that the imminent collision will cause complete destruction of the planet.

We see people evacuating major cities.

We hear that a boy's father was killed while on military service and that his mother died when he was very young.

People talk about the evacuation of major cities and that many alien spheres have landed around the world.

An alien says that the human race is killing Earth.

People talk about bacteria and their ability to survive in extreme circumstances.

A boy and a woman grieve over the death of someone they both loved.

We see a cemetery and a boy asks an alien to bring his father back to life.

Eerie music plays with the opening credits.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes

When the alien lands on the earth he is shot by the military and then taken to a hospital where all his flesh tissues are taken off, this scene might be quite horrifying and frightening for the children.

Near the end, the locust degraders show intensity in destroying all objects and humans.

Various structures are pulverized and humans killed by it, scene unsuitable for probably under 8.

Also bugs eat through people no blood is shown(can be disturbing)


Probably the biggest letdown of my sci-fi viewing life. Even worse than the 3rd "Alien" movie. So many bad points that I can't remember them all. I'll touch on the lowlights.

First, as the unidentified object approached earth, everyone seemed dumb on the reason for the change in direction. Duh uh, like wouldn't a spacecraft immediately come to mind as a possibility?? Then the excitement and anticipation of a visible ship was taken away by clouds and fog and a vague vessel.

As stated elsewhere, the initial contact in the park was ended with Klatu getting shot for an offered handshake (no mysterious equipment popping open). And several times in the movie, there were vehicles, equipment and/or people more evenly spaced out (in large areas) than a marching band.

Rather than go over a scene by scene critique, the following complaints come to mind. 1)bad writing; all actors had trite and often repetitive lines. 2)The Secretary of State was scary, illogical, and didn't seem to be in much contact with the bosses(the President and VP). 3)Poor or no acting by the "Stars" and the kid. 4) choppy flow, frequently too slow or unclear. Weak continuity, scenes seemed to be just stuck together. 5) Gort was pathetic. Like the recent "Hulks", unconvincing CG and too big to realistically show it in contact with humans. (should have gotten Shaq for the part).... 6) No actor to actor chemistry ever formed. 7) The final scenes completely missed out on the dramas of the "standing still" time and the alien departure. What message did he leave us with?

Since I'm a poor typist and can't immediately recall all of my issues with the film, I'll end my comments by saying that I have no problem with changing a remake so that it is more up to date and offers some different twists to add interest. However, this film completely missed the mark of maintaining the strengths that the original script had, namely convincing acting with consistent story and character build-up leading to a dramatic final scene with a clear message to all of the world.

They could and should have done far far better.