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Preacher Graham Hess, played by Mel Gibson, has lost his faith in God after his wife dies in a brutal car accident. He along with his son and daughter and his brother Merrill lives in a farmhouse. Crop circles begin to appear in their corn fields which Graham dismisses as mischief by miscreants. After hearing strange noises and watching news coverage on crop circles appearing all over the world, the family grows suspicious of alien activities. Now they must stick together and believe, as a family to survive the ordeal and find a way to escape.

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Signs (2002)

a Touchstone Pictures, Blinding Edge Pictures and Kennedy/Marshall Company, The Production in USA

STARS Mel Gibson Joaquin Phoenix Rory Culkin Abigail Breslin Cherry Jones M. Night Shyamalan Patricia Kalember Ted Sutton Merritt Wever Lanny Flaherty Marion McCorry Michael Showalter Kevin Pires Clifford David Rhonda Overby

Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Rated PG-13

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes

Contains infrequent mild sex references

A man makes a comment to another man about having, "...your toes licked by beautiful women."

A man talks about leaning in to kiss a woman, but stopping when he realized he had gum in his mouth.

Violent and Bloody Scenes

Contains moderate violence

There is a very graphic description of a woman's injuries after being hit by a truck and pinned against a tree.

A man hits an alien being repeatedly with a baseball bat.

A man tries to see what is in a barricaded pantry by using the blade of a butcher knife; a sharp-nailed "hand" reaches out from under the door and the man chops some of its fingers off. Extremely brief and no blood is visible

An alien's skin bubbles and disintegrates when touched by water and we see some "burned" tissue on a dead body.

A boy nearly dies from a severe asthma attack.

An alien holds a boy in his arms threatening to kill him with poison gas, and then sprays the gas in the boy's nose. The boy struggles to breathe but eventually survives.

We see a dead dog with a grilling fork in his neck -- a young boy cries over the dog; he apparently killed him after the dog tried to attack his sister. A woman later pulls the bloody fork out.

We hear a dog being killed by something; the dog starts by barking, then whines and whimpers, then becomes silent.

The alien-like fingers grab the neck of a boy through a coal shaft, and extraterrestrial fingers reach under a door.

People are trapped inside a house and we see shadows of something passing by the windows and hear creaking as they walk along the porch; then they begin to pound on the doors and windows trying to get in the house.

A man walks into a dark cornfield, hears noises, drops his flashlight and when he picks it up again it illuminates the leg of a strange creature, and the man runs in terror.

Two men chase something around a house yelling obscenities and threats.

Two men wake up in a start, hear children screaming from a distance, and tear through cornfields to find a little girl and boy standing amidst newly created crop circles.

A dog suddenly snarls and barks at two children, and a dog barks frantically, snarls and jumps at a man.

A man talks about having fallen asleep while driving and hitting and killing a woman walking along the road.

We see an illustration of a house being hit by energy rays from a space ship and three bodies lying in the front yard.

There are continuous reports on TV news about crop circles in fields across the world, sightings of UFOs, the potential for an extraterrestrial invasion, many people having been killed by extraterrestrials using a poison gas, and mass-hysteria.

A video broadcast on TV shows a humanoid creature (a biped) walking in a street as children watch and scream in fear.

A man yells at his children, and a man has a spot of blood on his shirt.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes

Contains moderate horror, sustained menace and threat

The whole movie is creepy (but it's what you can't see that makes it more frightening)

Talk about aliens invading earth and reaching your own home is quite concerning and frightening.

A person watches a frightening news broadcast that shows an extraterrestrial at close range. This scene is VERY DISTURBING and will almost certainly make your heart jump.

After a person brings in a TV, he sees the reflection of an alien on the screen. The extraterrestrial then snatches a shocked, defenseless youngster.

A person nervously explores in the middle of a cornfield at night, where he suspects an alien is lurking. This scene will give you a shiver down your spine.

A man cuts off a few of a humanoid's fingers when it reaches for him under a door. The alien screams in pain, which is startling.

The scenes with the humanoids may upset young or sensitive viewers.

The first appearance of the humanoids can be a bit shocking and frightening, intensified by the music that plays.

The mother of two youngsters is shown agonizing and slowly dying when nobody can help her after a car accident. Her death and details about it are referred to several times in the plot.

A young person suffers from life-threatening asthma and is shown desperately gasping for air.

Suggested MAPA Rating: PG-13 for intense frightening moments.


I have been a horror film fan for 30 years. While I remember a few films actually scaring me as a kid (Jaws, Psycho), I have failed to encounter many in my adult life. I like to be scared, but Hollywood has seen fit to retread every tired formulaic convention in just about everything it throws at the local multiplex. Even the independent filmmakers, free of the "system", seem to forget what FEAR is. Mostly I sit solemnly staring in disbelief at the screen, waiting and hoping to get those goosebumps. Then, finally, we were given Signs. Most will say, including the director, that this is not a horror film; I genuinely disagree. If this is not a horror flick, then it is time for this film to start a branch of its own and begin a new genre. I admired every little aspect of this picture, from the use of everyday objects: baby monitor, a blank television screen and a half empty glass of water, to convey and act as a vehicle to extract fear from the ordinary. Most of all, Shyamalan is an expert craftsman and knows how to get the most out of space, actors and sound. It is the lingering shot on a basement staircase when you are desperately hoping he moves his camera to show us more, or the screeching sound in the next room whose source he won't reveal . This director knows just how long to hold the shot, to increase the tension and build the suspense, long enough for our mind to begin forming pictures. And those pictures can be the most frightening of all. Stay the course Shyamalan.