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Poster of Nokas   (2010)

The movie portrays Norway's most spectacular robbery, where 11 men occupied central Stavanger for twenty minutes and escaped with 57 million kroner (appx $10 million). A police officer was shot and killed.

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes

Sex & Nudity: 2/10

- You see a guy showering 3 minutes into the film. You see a quick glimpse of his penis. When he is changing later, you see his butt for a few seconds.

- A police man is taking a shower at the police station. However, you only see from his chest and up. No nudity shown.

Violent and Bloody Scenes

Violence & Gore: 6/10

- 11 robber's try to break through a window, but it doesn't fall apart. They shoot at it with multiple machine guns and try to break through it with a sledge hammer.

- Two robber's place a truck outside of the garage of an police station and puts it on fire.

- Several bank employers slip and fall as they are escaping the room the robber's are trying to get in to.

- A robber gets shot in the leg and is constantly limping on it through-out the shoot-out scene.

- A police officer is shot in the head.

- A robber gets shot in the shoulder (blood is seen splatting out)

- A police officer fires a bullet towards one of the bank robbers. The bullet just barely misses his face, and he is later seen with a bloody scratch covering his cheek.

- A police man shoots towards one of the robber's cars, and the robber's shoot back in frustration and anger. Windows around the police man is being shattered as he runs back to cover.

- Two of the robber's cars collide as they escape, and they have problems getting the cars back on. Due to a lot of stress the bank robbers are seen firing their guns at the police, arguing with each other at the same time.

- A robber takes a civilian hostage and threatens to shoot.

- A robber shoots towards a police man, but the bullets are blocked by a pair of windows.

- During the shoot-out, many civilians are seen running away from the scene in fear of being hit.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes

Frightening/Intense Scenes: 6/10

- The part where the robber's are breaking into the bank is very intense.

- The shoot-out scene is pretty intense.

- The opening sequence is pretty intense, as it is in slow-motion and the only sound you can hear is heavy heartbeat.

Overall, the whole film has a very intense feel to it.

Nokas has an rating of 11 and up in Norway, but is still pretty brutal for it's rating.

Total: 21/50


The NOKAS robbery was a huge thing here in Norway. It was historical, stuff like this very rarely happens in our rather big, but people-empty little strip of land. It was a real talker, on the news and in the newspapers for a long time.

Anyhow, after the world controversy had died down and most of the crooks were in prison, the movie about it all came out.

Now, this is not a bad movie. Considering it's Norwegian it is rather good. But it never crosses the line into real good territory.

Most of the actors aren't big names, or really famous at all, and that works pretty good in something like this, as you don't want to be too attached to the actors. They do a decent job, too.

It has some intense action, some cool shots, and it being true of course leave a little bit of an impact. But I do think it could have been a little more edgy, for it to come across as more dramatical. I don't know.

It's alright.