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Poster of Most Likely to Die   (2015)

A group of former classmates gather for a pre-party at one of their homes the night before their 10-year high school reunion, and one by one, they are brutally slain in a manner befitting each's senior yearbook superlative.

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Most Likely to Die (2015)

a Snowfall Films Production in USA

STARS Chad Addison Jake Busey Tess Christiansen John Doe Ryan Doom Perez Hilton Marci Miller Tatum Miranda Heather Morris Johnny Ramey Jason Tobias Skyler Vallo


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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes

A man watches a woman undress in front of an open window while drinking beer.

Men and women are seen in swimwear getting into a jacuzzi.

A woman undresses out of extremely short cut shorts and lingerie is shown underneath.

A woman takes her bikini top off and her breasts are seen momentarily. Both breasts are seen in the mirror but are subtly blurred.

A man and a woman are seen having sex as the man thrusts violently. No nudity is shown.

A woman undresses where cameras are disguised within trophies and figurines.

A woman hugs and kisses another woman in a greeting manner.

A group of people talk about a woman who slept with a variety of other men.

Violent and Bloody Scenes

A man is strangled to death by another character by rope.

A woman has her forehead cut then her throat violently slashed while blood gushes out.

A masked figure throws his modified sharp mortar hat which partly severs a woman's throat to the wall. The figure then pulls the woman's head away to decapitate her; the head falls to the floor which is briefly seen. The death is graphic but not extremely realistic.

A man beats another man: he slashes him across the eyes with a knife then impales him via the mouth with a hockey stick.

A woman is found alive with her throat slashed and limbs bound.

A woman floats face down in a swimming pool with bloody wounds.

A masked figure slashes a man with a box cutter into his chest; the victim survives.

A woman is dragged into a small hut, the door shuts and torture noises are heard but not seen.

A woman is chased by a masked figure and trips up. She is later seen dead with her throat slashed.

A woman stabs a man in the chest.

A woman shoots a man dead.

A car crash accident is mentioned.

A man uses a box cutter on a newspaper to cut out references.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes

A masked figure hunts down a group of people in a school reunion in a remote area.

Some jumpscares.

There are numerous graphic deaths, most are on screen but some other incidents are implied. The majority of deaths are via throat slashing, but are not overly realistic.


A bunch of incredibly dull, uninteresting and self praising Americans go to a reunion in a remote location. This is quite a boring film, it's the characters that make it even more dull than it needs to be, they are all so vain and pathetic, they talk about their imagined "success" and think they have self awareness about their faults, a real pathetic bunch of losers who think earning lots of money equates with being a success in this world. What makes it even worse is you have to wait for 40 minutes until any proper gore happens, when it does it's pretty good gore. You just don't give a toss about any of the characters so the only thing to look forward to is them getting killed in (hopefully) very nasty ways, so does it deliver with the killing off of these hopeless morons? to some measure yes it does which is why I give it 4 stars. However all the usual clichés are in place i.e. the men are all dumb and cowardly and the women are strong and sensible, the ending is fairly predictable.