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Set in a near future, technology-reliant society is creating killing machines. Against this backdrop an elite army unit is helicoptered in to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility, to test the capabilities of the latest prototypes. They set up positions and make short work of the AI targets in the killing field. However, overnight their sentry goes missing, and when they find the corpse the next day they find themselves in the killing field and the tables have turned. The marines fight to survive on an island is overrun by an enemy intelligence far beyond their predecessors, which learns from their every move.

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Kill Command (2016)

a Vertigo Films Production in UK

STARS Vanessa Kirby David Ajala Mike Noble Bentley Kalu Tom McKay Kelly Gough Osi Okerafor Damian Kell Tim Ahern Deborah Rosan Thure Lindhardt

Action | Horror | Sci-Fi

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"Kill Command" resembles another glossy movie from last decade; "Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within" in both positive and negative ways. Story follows a female specialist and a group of soldiers as they are trying to figure out the secretive nature of their enemy, in this case a horde of combat machine. The movie looks good even though the narrative might feel stale as it progresses sluggishly.

Its most valuable asset is certainly its graphic, the effects are riveting and it brings out the sci-fi aspect really well. Camera angles are done to accommodate the sequences between humans and machines, even if there's slight editing twitch, the graphic is a solid feature. Cinematography and color tone work fine to present a secluded setting, both the contrasting outdoor nature and futuristic hallways or rooms. Audience would clearly see the near-future vibe it aims for.

Unfortunately, story moves in sloppy march. It has a good mystery aspect, but nearly everything is repetitive in motion. It doesn't give clear characterization either beyond the gifted girl wanting to understand the situation while the soldiers just want to survive and get the mission done. Acting is presentable only to that effect. It seems that it could fit more, or tidy up some scenes to shorten the length in favor of more content.

As a sci-fi "Kill Command" delivers a fine visual despite its by-the-number narrative. It's enough to separate itself from the horde and a decent foundation for a thriller.