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A young man learns that his dying father was once deeply in love with a man.

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Jonathan (2016)

a Kordes & Kordes Film GmbH, CS Filmproduktion and Südwestrundfunk (SWR) Production in Germany

STARS Jannis Niewöhner André Hennicke Julia Koschitz Thomas Sarbacher Barbara Auer Max Mauff Leon Seidel Anja Antonowicz Robert Alexander Baer Ella-Maria Gollmer Romina Küper Matthias Lodd Christine Rollar Carsten Strauch Stefan Wendel


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Watching the film I was very confused for a long time why this was running in the Teddy section of the Berlinale. The closest the first half hour came to the theme was to display a borderline incestuous relationship between the father and his son. But then again, Jonathan also looked at nudes of his mother and threw himself on top of his aunt, so that's that. The acting was beneath contempt - stiff and wooden. Not for a second did I believe any of the characters to be real, throughout the film I could see the actors attempting to act. The lines were the biggest problem - both the script in itself as well as the delivery of it. It felt so artificial I couldn't help but laugh at certain scenes that were intended to be touching. The film is named after the "main character", yet he is the least thought out character of them all and therefore the least interesting.