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Poster of Hollow Man II   (2006)

A Seattle detective and a biologist find themselves the targets of murder from an invisible assassin gone rogue, as well as the government forces who caused him to become invisible...

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Hollow Man II (2006)

a Destination Films, Red Wagon Entertainment and Frontera Productions Production in USA

STARS Christian Slater Peter Facinelli Laura Regan David McIlwraith William MacDonald Sarah Deakins Jessica Harmon Sonya Salomaa Terri Anne Welyki John Shaw David Abbott Hamish Cameron Colin Lawrence Zara Taylor Nolan Gerard Funk

Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Rated R

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes

At a party, a guy stumbles and accidentally pulls a strap of pearl girl's dress off, revealing her left breast before she has a chance to cover up.

A guy videotapes a girl kneeling on a bed in her bra and panties. It is implied that they are going to videotape themselves having sex. She takes off her bra for the camera. Later, she is standing topless in her panties videotaping the guy as he takes off his shirt and starts to take off his pants.

A woman is forced to strip. She is shown in her bra and panties. She runs out of the store and throws on her shirt, but her panties are still shown.

Violent and Bloody Scenes

A man is in a bathroom and gets beat up by an invisible man. His head is smashed against the bathroom mirror and he starts bleeding. His throat is cut by a cellphone SIM card.

A woman is hit over the head with a lamp. Her body is shown later.

A man stabs an invisible man with a pen. His splattered blood is seen on his invisible body. The two men then fight, the visible man dying in the end.

A woman is dragged away and threatened by an invisible man.

A man is hit by a truck. His blood is shown in his glasses.

An invisible man strangles a woman. They fight, and he threatens her as she runs away.

Two invisible men fight. One kills the other.


6 years after the original came out, this appears.

It misses the mark as a suspense, action, mystery, comedy.

It's a let down...it doesn't suck to extremes, just bad enough to make you want to wish there was only the first made.

Had this come out a year or so after the one with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue, it may have had more impact and been more intense and exciting.

The special effects were poor.

The casting was ALL wrong.

The story was also poor.

The chase scenes were dull.

Who would think that this 20 year old looking kid would be a DETECTIVE? Why were store security guards carrying guns? What power do they have to use a gun? This movie was filmed in and around Vancouver...so it should be called Vancouver - NOT Seattle...there were just too many giveaways that it was NOT Seattle.

There was little intensity and for the most part it was really dragging.

The dialog was very bad - especially near the end.

The direction poor...it was a mess, that if it had been made immediately after the previous, would make much more sense and be much more interesting.

This is television viewing...to be made for a Saturday night movie special..not for a feature.

This just doesn't cut the line to be feature material.

It had less of a budget, which meant casting unknowns, working with unknown director and using shots which would make this film seem poorly done - which it was.

A smaller budget meant cutting back the extras - which made the original far superior...and who could replace Kevin Bacon? He plays a bad guy great...

If you're tired and drunk and this comes on television, it might be of interest, but it's mid-grade.

Don't hope for great expectations.