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Tim and John fell in love while teenagers at their all-boys high school. John was captain of the football team, Tim an aspiring actor playing a minor part in Romeo and Juliet. Their romance endured for 15 years to laugh in the face of everything life threw at it - the separations, the discrimination, the temptations, the jealousies and the losses - until the only problem that love can't solve, tried to destroy them.

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Holding the Man (2015)

a Screen Australia, Goalpost Pictures and Snow Republic Production in Australia

STARS Ryan Corr Sarah Snook Francesco Ferdinandi Craig Stott Lee Cormie David Woods PiaGrace Moon Tegan Higginbotham Josh Burton Andrew S. Gilbert Mason Viola Anthony LaPaglia Camilla Ah Kin Luke Christopoulos Kerry Fox

Biography | Drama | Romance


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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes


All sex scenes within the film are between two men. They vary in terms of intensity and graphic portrayal.

A brief encounter occurs in an alleyway - there is kissing and one of the main characters begins to unbutton the other's pants but is stopped.

The two main characters begin making out within a sleeping bag - this proceeds into one of them masturbating the other until he climaxes. Not overly graphic but explicit in terms of moans and grunting.

There is a brief graphic sex scene between the two leads - with thrusting, moaning and non-frontal nudity.

Another brief sex scene where one of the characters begins kissing the other's buttocks but is interrupted.

Two fairly graphic sex scenes are displayed - one of the main characters is seen having sex with two different men. It is quite rough - with thrusting, moaning, biting and non-frontal nudity. This sequence ends with one of the characters biting his boyfriend's nipple - this is not meant to be overly violent - it is played more for humour

The two main leads proceed to have sex in their car - not overly graphic but explicit - played for humour.

One of the main characters appears to have sex with his peers in his drama class - most of these are fairly explicit with kissing, moaning, thrusting and one instance of fellatio (occurs off-screen)

A sequence seems to take place in a brothel and we see one of the main characters engaging in an orgy. It is not overly graphic but there is mild groaning and thrusting.

There is a brief sex scene between the two main characters towards the end of the film - it is more tender and slow.

Mild sexual innuendo

One main instance of full-frontal nudity - it is for only a few seconds. Infrequent instances of non-frontal nudity.

Violent and Bloody Scenes


Some moderate homophobic physical violence - chiefly in a bar. One of the main characters ends up with a broken nose - blood is clearly visible. Another character is thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly. A woman is pushed violently onto a table at the beginning of this instance.

A minor physical altercation occurs between the two main leads.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes


The atmosphere is rather tense because of the sociopolitical climate of the era - especially in regards to the 1980s where the AIDS pandemic began.

Seeing its main characters go through the effects of AIDS during the final act is rather distressing and heartbreaking.

The violence against the gay community may be distressing and hard to watch.


We saw it last night and I was crying within the first five minutes!!!!

I've read the book and absolutely loved (and hated) it. It was such a powerful book for that time in my life and slapped me silly with the raging emotions it evoked within me.

I loved it so much because of the story telling, the characters, the connections and the relevance to my life as a young sexually active man coming to terms with his sexuality. I hated it because it made me cry so bloody much and I fell in love with both of them and it was so gut wrenching. It touched me in a way I will never forget and the film does that experience justice.

The acting is spot on and the chemistry between the two is perfect. It was an interesting choice to use the same actors for the early school years, but given the importance of the connection between Tim & John I and understand why this was done and I don't think it hurts the film in any way. The surrounding cast is equally exceptional and Anthony Lapaglia's performance was wonderful.

This is an exceptional love story that is released at the perfect time, when marriage equality and same sex relationship rights is at the forefront of society again.