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A Puerto Rican ex-con pledges to stay away from his former drug dealing ways but finds himself being dragged back by his past connections and the naive machinations of his lawyer and best friend. Hoping to raise enough money to get away from New York, Carlito Brigante takes on the job of running a nightclub, renews an affair with a dancer but old associates and old instincts suck him back into a world of violence and mistrust.

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Carlito’s Way (1993)

a Universal Pictures, Epic Productions and Bregman/Baer Productions Production in USA

STARS Al Pacino Sean Penn Penelope Ann Miller John Leguizamo Ingrid Rogers Luis Guzmán James Rebhorn Joseph Siravo Viggo Mortensen Richard Foronjy Jorge Porcel Frank Minucci Adrian Pasdar John Ortiz Ángel Salazar

Crime | Drama

Rated R

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Sexy, Sex and Nude Scenes


There are a couple of scenes where women are topless and people are having sex, although they don't last very long.

Three topless women perform sensual dances at a strip club. One of the woman faces the camera as she shows her breasts and then turns and dances some more.

A man has sex with a woman in a bathroom stall, no nudity is shown.

A woman is sitting on top on a man in a bathing suit - grinding on top of him (no nudity).

A woman slowly slips off her nightgown, showing her breasts.

Violent and Bloody Scenes


We see a man being shot during the credits. Little blood shown.

Carlito's men moderately beat Benny Blanco.

Kleinfeld's bodyguards are knocked out with a bat. Klienfeld takes a knife stab to the chest.

A man shoots another man in the head killing him. Some blood shown.

A man is shot in the chest. Little blood shown.

There's a shoot out in a train station.6 men are shot sometimes with bloody results.

A guy splits another guy's head open with a harpoon (bloody but not long lasting). A guy kills another guy by slitting what looks like his mouth as well as gagging him. (Not shown, just the aftermath).

There's a bar shoot out where one guy gets his arm smashed inside a cooler for a few seconds before his throat is slit, he dies in a second. Another guy starts shooting the other people dead and also smacks them with a billiard stick and shoots the Q-ball to one guy's head prior to the shoot out. The guy takes a bullet to the shoulder but appears to be fine. Somewhat bloody and shocking but not gory.

A man is beaten moderately in an alley.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes


The bar sequence with Guajiro is quite intense, due to his fate.

A prisoner makes numerous threats to Klienfeld.

Carlito's treatment of Lalin can be upsetting.

The ending is emotional.




What can I say about such a movie? Simply brilliant. I make a point of watching this movie each year and every time I watch it I simply fall in love with it even more. The direction is brilliant as is Pacino's superb on-time acting. Al deserves an Oscar for this flick. As human beings, we love story telling. It's in out nature, and this story is excellent. As mentioned before in a previous review, Carlito's way is Scarface with feeling. Simply involving. I would dare say it does leave you on the edge of your chair with great anticipation, probably due to Pacino's on screen presence and experienced acting mannerisms. Penn, once again is brilliant and shines through as the high-classed, cocaine addicted Kleinfeld. If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favour. Rent it out, dim the lights, snuggle up tight with your loved one and enjoy one of the greatest movies of all time. 9 out of 10.