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Ted, a stuffy white guy from Illinois working in sales for the Barcelona office of a US corporation, is paid an unexpected visit by his somewhat less stuffy cousin Fred, who is an officer in the US Navy. Over the next few months, both their lives are irrevocably altered by the events which follow Fred's arrival, events which are the trivial stuff of a comedy of manners at first but which gradually grow increasingly dramatic.

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Barcelona (1994)

a Barcelona Films, Castle Rock Entertainment and Fine Line Features Production in USA

STARS Taylor Nichols Chris Eigeman Tushka Bergen Mira Sorvino Pep Munné Hellena Taylor Núria Badia Thomas Gibson Jack Gilpin Pere Ponce Laura López Francis Creighton Edmon Roch Diana Sassen Àngels Bassas

Comedy | Drama | Romance

Rated PG-13

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This movie is hilarious. I have seen it at least a dozen times and I still crack up repeatedly. Stillman managed to give a glimpse of his genius in "Metropolitan", and he failed badly in the subsequent "Last Days of Disco" (that was a lazy effort with a few hilarious joking references to the two previous movies, but it's a huge disappointment), but this time he hits the right tone. The story is about two cousins in Barcelona one summer, and the text of the movie is entertaining enough, but what is wonderful is the way he steps back and shows the absurdity of these characters while still allowing you to have some affection for them. The final scene in the movie where the two cousins and a friend stare out over the lake in fatuous contentment is sheer perfection.