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An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

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Ballerina (2016)
Ballerina (original title)

a Quad Productions, Main Journey and Caramel Film Production in Canada and France

STARS Elle Fanning Dane DeHaan Carly Rae Jepsen Maddie Ziegler Terrence Scammell Tamir Kapelian Julie Khaner Joe Sheridan Elana Dunkelman Shoshana Sperling Jamie Watson Bronwen Mantel Mel Brooks Nat Wolff

Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Musical

Rated PG

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Violent and Bloody Scenes

Moderate portrayals of violence are featured, but without detail and justified by context.

The film contains several scenes of mild violence, where characters escape from capture or danger.

In one sequence, two young teenage characters are being chased by a man after they escape from an orphanage. They are chased down a hill, with tussles occurring between the man and the two teenagers along the way, including on a train. The teenagers finally get away from the man when the latter falls off the train.

In another sequence, a teenage girl is chased by a lady who is seeking revenge for her own daughter. As they both climb up a scaffold, the lady tries to destroy the girl's footholds by smashing them with a hammer. They reach the top of the scaffold and the girl is cornered by the lady.

Although the sequences are slightly prolonged, there are no impactful blows or injuries sustained by the characters.

As such, parental guidance is advised for this film.

Scary and Disturbing Scenes

'Ballerina' is a horrendous animated film about F?licie, a young orphan girl who escapes to Paris to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina. There, she assumes the identity of another aspiring ballerina, Camille, and begins proper ballet training. However, when her real identity is exposed, F?licie has to find a way to keep her dream alive.

(Note: Parents are advised to avoid paying for the film if they wish to see it without child accompaniment, and to pay as little as possible if they wish to let their child view the film. It is terrible.)

Official Canada Rating: G (British Columbia, Consumer Protection BC)

Expected CNC Rating: Tous publics


This movie is fun to watch and good family entertainment: could not find any of the typical uncalled for messages that Hollywood insists in cramming in today's CGI based movies.

The animations on some dance parts still lack the grace a ballerina has, and in fact you can't see any difference the supposedly heartless character than the soulful one.

Also, I'd swear there were still no motorcycles at the time this movie runs, so for me that's a major research flaw.