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Poster of A Dog’s Purpose   (2017)

A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

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A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

a Amblin Entertainment, Original Pictures and Pariah Entertainment Group Production in USA

STARS Josh Gad Dennis Quaid Peggy Lipton Bryce Gheisar K.J. Apa Juliet Rylance Luke Kirby Gabrielle Rose Michael Bofshever Britt Robertson Logan Miller Kirby Howell-Baptiste Pooch Hall John Ortiz Nicole LaPlaca

Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Family | Fantasy

Rated PG

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Scary and Disturbing Scenes

The film touches on the themes of death and separation as it follows the dog, Bailey, as it is reborn several times as different breeds of dogs.

There are some emotional scenes when each of these dogs passes away.

There are also some scenes depicting one of the human characters marriage falling apart due to his drinking problems.

A man who wants to get back at his schoolmate, throws a lit firecracker into the latters house, unintentionally causing a fire. The schoolmate then breaks his leg in a fall while trying to escape from the fire.


those who have read this book will not be disappointed, as always the book is still better than the movie, but for a movie based on a great book, they did a really good job. the story is heartwarming, and has a few tearful moments, but all in all, it was a happy ending. as someone who almost always cries at the sad movies, i give this a 3 tissue warning. i truly enjoyed this book, and all W. Bruce Cameron's books, and the idea of making a movie from such a great book is always troubling, but the process here was well done. the actors representing the characters did a great job of embodying the personalities, and no one can complain about Josh Gad voicing the many lives of the dog. bravo to the producers and the director for doing such a good job with the story,