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Poster of 3-D Rarities   (2015)

In commemoration of the centennial of 3-D motion pictures, we present 3-D RARITIES. It has taken over 30 years for the 3-D Film Archive to assemble and restore the material in this eye-popping collection of ultra-rare and long-lost movies. Presented in high-quality digital 3-D, all films have been stunningly restored and mastered direct from archival materials. Meticulously aligned shot by shot for precise registration of the original left/right elements, these historic 3-D motion pictures have never before looked this good.

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My # 10 superlative rating of "3-D Essentials" reflects my overall excitement, amazement and enthusiastic reaction to the thrilling content and incredible restoration accomplishments Flicker Alley's release of this incredible compilation demonstrates!! Producer Bob Furmanek and 3-D restorer Greg Kintz have made available the BEST reason for the continued viability of 3-D--- by showing us just how GOOD it really WAS all those years ago!! And, by comparison, how anemic most of today's timid product is . It amazes me to think that current producers, studios and mommies don't realize how much kids LOVE 3-D POP-OUT!!

The box reads: "3-D Rarities: A Collection of 22 Ultra-Rare and Stunningly Restored 3-D Films" And that says it all. From the early-20th century shorts to 1950s previews ("It Came from Outer Space" and "The Maze" most prominent), a Caspar cartoon in wonderful color, shots of the 1939 New York World's Fair.....I could go on, but just check the listings here for complete contents. And learn all about the films and cuttings through the excellent booklet provided.

If you are a fan of 3-D or just believe (correctly) that it's simply too exciting and viable a format to simply "go away" OR be relegated to second-rate timid 21st-century presentations, then "3-D Rarities" is for you and your family. And will you all ever enjoy having a truly representative demo-disc for your friends!!!

I can't rate this disc too highly--that's why the top rating-- 10!!" As a 10-year old 3-D fan in the 1950s, I enjoyed many 3-D films in our small-town theatre and owned many of the View-Master (demo'd) and 3-D comic books shown. Now Greg Kintz and Bob Furmanek have demonstrated that those "relics" are NOT to be forgotten or ignored.

Here's hoping that "3D Rarities" helps spark more interest in the restoration and exhibition of 3-D films from ALL the eras that the 100 years of this essential release covers!!

Interested parties should order this one IMMEDIATELY before it sells out!!!! Do not miss "3-D Rarities."